We are the leading exhibition hire service provider in Coimbatore. At Sensitive we offer the equipments to enrich the event to dazzle. The equipments we offer from displays, furnished equipments that are gathered to meet requirements of brand occasions.

With particular staff member we offer the best in class service We give lighting and varying media devices, providing food and kitchen hardware, material, display stands and further more occasion and show furniture employ.

While our hand craft group can help with answers for brand initiations, retail outfits, custom presentation space plans. We comprehend that experience is everything. From tables and seats to display equipments.

Advantages of exhibition hire service:


Our scheduled display framework permits you to alter your display for every event to know your strength, You can try different things with various arrangements to see what works best for your shows.


On the off chance that you don’t need to go various shows that can be a financially affects the growth spending a considerable amount of measure of cost.


By employing a presentation stand, you can likely extend your exchange show spreading the plan to incorporate new alternatives lighting arrangements, additional vast arrangement illustrations, handout racks and furniture are contract alternatives solutions.

By working with an accomplished stand outline and contract group like Bell Stone, you can give yourself numerous more choices for displaying at your next occasion. We offer a full show stand outline and fabricate administration, with then alternative to buy or contract.